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earlier, short for radius vector , borrowed from Latin, "carrier, conveyer," from vec- , alternate stem of vehere "to convey, carry" + -tor , agent suffix — more at 1 way

A gang of rough and tumble orphans led by the straw-chewing Jet rescue Aang and his friends from a troop of Fire Nation soldiers. Jet invites them back to his hideout, taking a special liking to Katara. Sokka doesn’t trust Jet. Jet tries to win Sokka over, but fails. Later, Jet tricks Aang and Katara into destroying an Earth Kingdom town, but Sokka is able to rescue the townspeople and expose Jet.

Welcome, Jet! Unlike like Haru, Jet was a character that stuck with me long after I have passed his episode in the series. That might have something to do with the fact that he is a crazy hybrid of Rufio from Hook and Spike from Cowboy BeBop . Oh yeah, and he’s a total heartbreaker.

Short anecdote: The first time I saw this episode, I kept commenting to Matt about how much Jet felt like Rufio to me. For any of you fine people out there who has not seen Hook , Rufio is pretty much the badass version of Peter Pan, leading his group of Lost Boys while they skateboard on trees and eat amazingly colorful feasts. The actor who played Rufio in the movie? Dante Basco. Oh yeah, he’s the voice of Prince Zuko. So I probably already had Rufio on the brain when I started making my Rufio/Jet comparisons.

“Hello,” answered some whiteman. “Good morning! Could I speak with—?” He mispronounced her last name and didn’t abbreviate her first, as nobody who knew her would do.

“Young lady,” he said, “can you please tell me whether Miss Jean-Louis is there or not. Will you just do that for me?” His tone all floured with whitepeople siddity, pan-fried in condescension.

But she could sit here and act dumb too. “Mmm . . . it’s hard to say. She be in and out, you know? Tell me who calling and what for and I’ll go check.”