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Talon Air is a full service Private Jet Charter Company specializing in charter flights, maintenance and aircraft management . As an aircraft owner and operator of the most diverse fleet of private aircraft in the world, Talon Air offers clients access to heavy , super-midsize , midsize , light jets , turbo-prop , amphibious aircraft and executive helicopters. Talon Air’s expansive in-house fleet enables clients to choose the most appropriate private aircraft that meets the scope of each individual flight.

With over a decade of operational experience, Talon Air has become a leader in the private jet charter industry. Talon Air offers significant advantages with incentives such as Discounted On-Demand charter flights , Empty Leg Charter Flights and all-inclusive pricing. Talon Air’s ConciAire Travel Club allows clients to purchase charter flights in 25 hour increments without having to make upfront acquisition, maintenance , membership or broker fees.

Our pricing structure provides clientele with the transparency they expect from an affordable, all-inclusive private jet charter company. Talon Air will provide you with an accurate rate based on variables such as the distance traveled, aircraft type, passenger count, and the length of stay. We offer guaranteed availability of our core fleet of aircraft 24/7 with multiple crews available to offer you the flexibility you require from a private jet charter operator. Choose from the largest private fleet of Hawker 4000s in the world for affordability, luxury and flight range.

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PrivateFly is a fast-growing, disruptive business model in the traditional private jet broking sector, comparing live pricing and availability for over 7,000 accredited private aircraft worldwide. It combines award-winning technology with a 24/7 team of passionate aviation experts.

PrivateFly is a FT1000 business, an official list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, across all industries. It is also ranked in both The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 and SME Export Track 100. In 2016 it became an Argus Certified Broker, the first company in the UK and only the second in Europe to receive this best practice and safety accreditation.

Business Air has new and used jets for sale. Jets provide individuals and companies a way to travel greater distances and at a faster rate of travel than any other form of transportation. You can fly where you want to go on your schedule. They fly higher than traditional airplanes, allowing for smoother rides.

A jet is no longer a luxury that only the richest companies can afford. In fact, private jet passengers are mostly those in the middle management. You don’t have to go to a busy airport and wait on security or delayed flights. Nor will you have to worry about missing luggage. During the flight you’ll have complete privacy for your business executives or family members. You can also visit multiple locations in a single day, something not feasible with commercial travel.

If you travel 350 to 400 hours annually, then owning a personal jet is something you should seriously consider. Lower than that, perhaps partial ownership would be a better idea.

Цены на билеты : Стоимость билета в один конец на человека при перелете двух пассажиров по одной брони. Включает административный сбор и аэропортовые сборы. Дополнительные сборы за багаж.

Цены на билеты во внешней рекламе : Стоимость билета в один конец на человека при перелете 1, 2 или 4 пассажиров (согласно указанию) по одной брони. Включает административный сбор и аэропортовые сборы. Дополнительные сборы за багаж.

Аренда автомобилей в Europcar : скидка до 20 % при заказе аренды автомобиля из аэропортов, в которые авиакомпания easyJet выполняет свои рейсы. Цены, указанные на веб-сайтах easyJet, включают скидку в случае возможности применения данного специального предложения. В некоторых городах могут действовать ограничения. С более подробной информацией можно ознакомиться на странице .