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Book Low fare flight tickets with SpiceJet and avail great airfare deals, discounts and savings to 46 Indian cities and 8 international destinations.

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SpiceJet , India’s favourite domestic airline, cheap air tickets flight booking to 46 cities across India and international destinations. Experience low cost air ...

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Yes, passengers can hold the reservation and pay later when booking at least 2 clear days prior to their flight departure day. The booking can be on hold up to a maximum of 24 hours from the time of booking of any flight and will be automatically cancelled if full payment is not made by that time. This facility is only available through our Reservations or by having your travel agent contact us.

SpiceJet is one of the most popular low-cost airlines in India and provides its passengers with a great flying experience at affordable rates. Its aim is to address the need of the increasing number of travelers who are looking for a value-for-money travel experience.

SpiceJet Airlines first came into operation in 2005 and is now one of the top low-cost airlines in India. The carrier started by connecting the most important destinations across India and has now developed into an international airline. Dubai and Muscat are two of the main destinations in the Middle East that are connected by this carrier.

The airline provides its Middle East flyers a convenient way to connect to international destinations like Bangkok, Colombo, Kabul, Male, Muscat as well as several prominent destinations around India