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“Neither he nor I knew it was an early car,” Mike in Maryland says of the 1969 Mach 1 he bought in a little town in Pennsylvania. He had always wanted a 1969 Mach 1. “The owner told me it was a Super Cobra Jet Drag Pack car. That made it even more attractive, even though there was no engine, no transmission, it needed some bodywork, and was completely disassembled.”

What neither Mike nor the seller knew at the time was that this 428 SCJ was the very first Super Cobra Jet with 4.30 gears ever ordered. Carl Beasley Ford in York, Pennsylvania, did the honors.

Super Cobra Jet means the car came with either the 3.91 or the 4.30 gears in the 9-inch rearend, which mandated special heavy-duty engine features, including an oil cooler up front (for dragstrip use). No air conditioning was available.

Private jet travel is on the rise. What was once reserved only for the uber-wealthy and big companies, has now become more democratized with the advent of the chartered jet marketplace. Companies such as Victor, XOJet, and JetSmarter provide a variety of membership and on-demand booking options to give flyers flexibility while keeping costs around that of a business-class fare.

And though it seems everyone from companies to couples is using these services (Victor reported in 2017 that bookings of long-range aircraft, like the Gulfstream IV and Bombardier Global 6000 were up 98% from the previous year), there is one smaller jet-setting market seeing a boom: children.

“We noticed an increase in requests for flying with children,” said Matteo Atti, Executive Vice President Marketing, and Innovation at VistaJet. “Given the inconvenience and hassle of commercial air travel, limited time and with residencies in multiple countries, many high-net-worth families have turned to private aviation for their personal travels. Moreover, family trips are more and more often planned alongside business flights, to maximize personal time.”