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BUM v. to loaf about (n. BUMMER);
adj. worthless
BUN n. a sweet roll or cake
BUR v. to whisper hoarsely
BUS v. to travel by bus (pa.t. BUSED)
BUT v. to put forward as an objection
BUY v. to purchase (n. BUYER)
BYE n. a pass to the next round
(of a competition, etc.)
BYS plural of BY n. same as BYE

Q AT n. an East African shrub
(also KAT, KHAT)
QIN n. a Chinese zither with silken strings
(also GUQIN)
QIS plural of QI n. life force (also CHI)
QUA adv. in the capacity of

The “potentially catastrophic,” terrifying-to-glimpse-at-even-on-a-radar storm named Hurricane Irma is barreling toward Puerto Rico. Flights are being canceled left and right, but one Delta crew woke up Wednesday morning with a planned trek from New York City to San Juan and said fuck it.

Remarkably, the Delta website shows that Flight 431 landed seven minutes ahead of schedule. As Flightradar24 points out , it’s almost certain to be a quick turnaround. Hopefully the crew can get out fast.

Updated (3:55 p.m.): People normally exit airplanes like morons , but Delta managed to get Flight 431 to the gate, deplaned, boarded for the return flight, and off the ground in 51 minutes. Given the circumstances, not bad, eh?

Unfortunately, my travels and my business usually bring me to New York City a few times a year. I really don’t care for it. Bad smells, democracy and Chipotle are all nauseating to me. Thankfully, though, there’s been an increase in private driveways to sooth my nerves.

I was mildly surprised when I found a write-up on the driveway of my most recently purchased apartment in the real estate section of lowly local rag, the New York Times . It made me wonder how long that poor (I mean, literally poor ) reporter had to stand on the street, waiting for a car to pull up just so they could get a glimpse inside.

Yes, the driveway is a 3,000-square foot porte-cochere. Yes, the white column in the middle reminds me of a frozen whirlpool of... white stuff. Mmm. And there’s a cobblestone floor because it’s quaint . Like the south of fucking France or something. But best of all, it’s another gate between me and the poors outside.