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Il Sun Fast 3200 R2 è l'evoluzione sportiva del pluri-premiato modello capace di imporsi nelle più prestigiose regate. - La chiglia dritta in piombo

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Twin piston aircraft are well-suited for shorter takeoffs and landings. Compared to single piston aircraft, they offer faster cruising speeds and improved takeoff and climbing abilities.

Before jet engines came into prominence in the 1930s, piston engines powered early aircraft. Also called a reciprocating engine, a piston engine includes multiple cylinders, each containing a piston inside that moves up and down to turn a crankshaft that in turn spins the plane’s propeller. Like single-engine piston aircraft, twin-engine piston aircraft (or multi-twins or multi-engines) are well-suited for smaller airports; making shorter takeoffs and landings; and for recreational, personal, business, and civil uses.

Compared to single piston aircraft, twin piston aircraft offer faster cruising speeds; better takeoff and climbing abilities; and peace of mind while flying over mountains, large water bodies, and similar terrain where engine failure is a greater concern. Twin piston aircraft are also considered more expensive to maintain and operate due to the redundancy of controls and conditions to monitor and adjust.

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