Business jet training

These training guidelines do not mandate how very light jet training is to be implemented. Though the guidelines were developed with a simulator-based training program in mind, each training provider must best determine the most effective and efficient methods to meet the objectives in this document. All elements presented must be addressed in a training program for very light jets.

The National Business Aviation Association acknowledges the members of the NBAA Safety Committee for their dedication in creating these guidelines.

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The L-39 was introduced in 1968 with full scale production by Aero-Vodochody in 1972. It was designed as a basic and advanced light trainer and light attack aircraft. It is very close to the modern jet fighters with good parameters and visibility, a high degree of safety and modern equipment. It’s reliable, has excellent flight characteristics and is extremely spin resistant in aerobatic and fighter maneuvers even in cases of pilot error. In Russia, it is gradually replacing the L-29 and is still being used in Africa and Asia. The engine is an AI 25 TL Turbofan with 3800 lbs of thrust.

L-39 Performance: